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How DO You Plan for an Uncertain Future?

Look around: supply chain setbacks, material shortages, escalating costs – disruptions and uncertainties as the new normal. To navigate our intricate and swiftly changing landscape, you need a tool that confidently steers you through the complexities of the long term.

Enter scenario planning.

"Today for Tomorrow" guides you, step by step, through a robust, structured process designed to equip you for an unpredictable future. Unlike traditional, short-term planning, this actionable book empowers you to manage unforeseeable challenges, explore possibilities, and tackle complexity head-on.

In this user-friendly guide, you'll discover:

  • The ten stages of scenario planning, with foolproof methods to breathe life into your scenarios.
  • How scenarios broaden your perspective, combat groupthink, and challenge established norms.
  • A framework that helps you eliminate bias, assess trends, and decode weak signals.
  • The art of crafting a precise focal question and validating a scenario grid.

"Today for Tomorrow" is a highly practical resource tailored for leaders seeking to fortify their organization against future uncertainties. Whether you're leading a small business, not-for-profit, or a multinational corporation, this book shows you how scenario planning can empower you to take decisive action today for a better tomorrow.

Today for Tomorrow is a super practical resource any leader craving a more resilient, future-proof organization can pick up. Yes, you (and every small business, not-for-profit, and multinational corporation) can use scenario planning to take action today for a better future.

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Can AI Write Future Scenarios for Us?

Earlier this year, we offered a Scenario Series for a fantastic group of fellow consultants. Using my book as our guide, we moved through all the steps over seven weeks. One task was to construct a Day in the Life of a person living in a Scenario. Judy admitted to ‘cheating a little’ because she had used Chat GPT.…

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Leaders as Stewards

Stewardship is a very old term. Generally, it means the responsible planning and management of resources, especially those that are entrusted to one’s care or shared with others. It’s not a new term in the business world. Peter Block wrote a book called Stewardship in 1993. He defined the term as the willingness to be accountable for…

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On Being a Human Leader

People don’t leave companies; they leave bosses. I’ve had the opportunity to coach lots of leaders who weren’t naturally focused on the human side of leadership. I still remember one leader who said, “I don’t actually care that much about my employees, but I can ACT as if I care.” Fair enough. For some, empathy…

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