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Strategic Foresight for Leaders

Every leader and Board of Directors needs an eye on the next quarter--AND 5 years from now. We wrote the book on scenario planning for leaders.

Design Expertise

We are experts in designing experiences for senior leaders. We have a proven track record in creating award-winning programs. We've worked with leaders around the globe and across industries. We know what works.

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Scenario Planning

We believe that effective leadership requires the ability to envision various scenarios and plan accordingly. Our scenario planning services enable leaders to prepare for a range of potential futures, ensuring they're well-equipped to handle whatever comes their way.

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We work with leaders in three key ways

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Executive Programs

Our leadership development programs are highly interactive and practical, with a focus on action learning and real-world problem-solving. We immerse participants in hands-on experiences to tackle the real challenges faced by their key stakeholders.

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Leadership Offsites

A great leadership offsite blends real work, team building, and continuous learning. We're experienced facilitators and know how to engage and challenge leaders in remote and face-to-face meetings. We design meetings that allow people to build trust, innovate, problem-solve, and have fun.

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Strategic Foresight

We've been helping leaders work across multiple horizons for many years. Leaders need tools to address a new kind of strategic planning to manage the pace and complexity of change. We wrote a book on Scenario Planning, especially for leaders.

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