How the Global Pandemic Led to Better Learning Outcomes

Recognizing the need for a change in basic assumptions, we revisited our strategy. Placing the learning outcomes front and center, we meticulously crafted a series of learning experiences aimed at achieving those objectives. In this process, we navigated through key questions:

  • What learning outcomes do participants need to deliver but currently cannot?
  • Can we identify a real-world scenario where this outcome would be valuable, serving as a practical testing ground?
  • What existing barriers hinder their ability to deliver this outcome in the identified real-world context?
  • For skill/knowledge barriers, what supplementary content is necessary (tools, templates, approaches, perspectives)?
  • Addressing will/motivation barriers, what contextual workarounds are needed (connecting to individual purpose, organizational vision/mission/role/goals/incentives)?
  • For each barrier, what combination of activities (simulation, expert speakers, breakout discussions, trio peer coaching, etc.) and media (full cohort Zoom, individual breakouts, Miro board sessions, trio conversations, 1:1 coaching, etc.) is most compelling and likely to enable participants to deliver the outcome?

As we transitioned back to face-to-face sessions, we integrated full cohort sessions, action learning team meetings, in-market immersions, 1:1 coaching sessions, and other in-person elements into our repertoire—but always as part of a diverse mix. This increased variation and richness in our approach have the potential to make us more effective designers.

Our renewed focus revolves around five key objectives:

  • 1 Empower participants to deliver a new outcome.
  • 2 Ensure relevance by aligning with real work situations.
  • 3 Address all barriers through comprehensive content.
  • 4 Engage participants with compelling activities.
  • 5 Utilize the most suitable media, modes, and materials that best support each activity.

Thanks to the lessons learned during the global pandemic, the current designs for our client’s executive development program are more robust and effective than ever.

A red circle is shown on a green background.
A red circle is shown on a green background.