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Not Your Usual Consultants

Susan and Maggie are seasoned consultants who partner with clients to bring fresh, new thinking to old problems. They provide the tools and capabilities required to help leaders draw new insights, generate original ideas and be savvy experimenters.
Susan Dunn
Susan DunnPartner
Susan has a reputation for designing learning experiences for Fortune 500 leaders that are inventive, engaging, and “have legs”. Her success in learning design flows from 10 years of strategy formulation as a consultant at McKinsey, from her doctoral research in human behavior at the Fielding Graduate Institute and from 15 years designing action learning programs as a partner at Oliver Wyman and Mercer Consulting. Susan has conducted provocative research and published articles that uncovered the way Wall Street analysts monetize leadership quality. She also has a patent in her name for a widely used talent management board game. Currently, Susan is developing a simulation that helps leaders learn how to operate in a shared economy.
Maggie Kolkena
Maggie KolkenaPartner
Clients seek Maggie’s help to design and facilitate their toughest and most critical sessions. They value two capabilities that she brings from her background in theater: the ability to read the room and the confidence to improvise. Maggie has 20 years of experience in change management much of it taking place as OD adviser to Intel’s Chief Technology Officer. The combination of Maggie’s skills and experience allows her to locate and amplify the energy for change in the most diverse and complex groups. While completing her MSOD at Pepperdine Maggie conducted research in collaborative creativity. More recently she’s deepened her expertise in appreciative inquiry and positive psychology. These lenses have shaped her consulting approach with clients and colleagues who describe her as refreshingly constructive, humorous and engaging.

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