Our Beliefs

  • We hold a deep respect for organizations – especially large, complex ones. They bring people together to accomplish more than they could apart.
  • Leading is a noble, complex and challenging endeavor and we applaud those who step forward to do so.
  • Organizations add the most value when they innovate and see beyond the obvious. It is in these moments that the workforce is fully tapped and engaged.
  • Many organizations focus leaders on short term execution and optimization. Breakthrough innovation however requires something quite different.  Leaders, to be effective, need to manage short-term and long-term.
  • We have seen leaders who can do both. They manage execution and innovation and connect the two. It is a more difficult way to practice leadership but it can be learned.

Design Thinking

We help leaders develop insights to meet user, financial and technical needs.

Solutions to Meet Diverse Criteria

No matter the challenge design thinking will open opportunities.

Experiential Development

Sitting and listening to an expert can only take you so far.

Learn by Doing

What you DO leads to greater capacity and versatility.

Integrated Sessions

We ensure that leaders get development that fits their culture & strategy.

Custom Designs to Fit your World

We know how to keep it relevant.

Our Toolkit

Third Thought has decades of experience.  We also believe in lifelong learning and practice it ourselves.  We have classic organization development tools–processes we’ve implemented successfully over and over again.  We also stay informed about emerging technologies.  We’ve got the toolbox to address your challenges–and if we don’t have the right stuff we’re happy to recommend a colleague who does.

  • Experiential, discovery-based learning
  • Simulations
  • Games
  • Comprehensive curricula
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Leadership & Board Retreats
  • Cross-functional Team Sessions
  • Hogan Suite
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Change Style Indicator
  • SOQ Innovation Climate Survey
  • Foursight Thinking Profile

Why Choose Us

  • A track record of success with clients who expect and deserve the best
  • Deep and wide set of tools and processes
  • Clients call us again and again because we deliver
  • Humor, smarts and empathy
  • Relevant, efficient designs that don’t wast your time or ours

What Clients Say

You gave me the tools to use with my team and energized me to use them.
Engineering Manager, Intel
Thank you, Maggie! The feedback from the group has been very positive and I can also say that I personally had a wonderful time and thought it was a very productive session. And you were awesome!
Analysts Manager, Genetech
We hope that you received accolades for your efforts. You offered the most comprehensive view of the session and what you observed about each of us. Thanks again for introducing us to the world of coaching, we needed it.
Senior Leader, Fortune 100
…so this is a thank you note, you always deliver something I have been able to use whether it’s been for myself or when working with a client .
Global Head Strategic Planning, Execution & Operations, Novartis

Here's a list of our Clients by Industry

Our Wonderful Clients