How to Generate Energy for Change

A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with a large unit in a state-wide government agency that was feeling completely downtrodden. They had been confronted with numerous challenges including the adoption of new technology that had resulted in scandalous cost overruns and negative attention in the press.  Through it all, the individual [...]

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Brilliant Innovation: The Aquaduct

Google and Specialized (a bicycle company) recently sponsored an Innovate-or-Die contest which offered prizes for pedal-powered solutions to real problems. The Grand Prize winner of the contest was The Aquaduct, a pedal-powered water-filtration tricycle. All I can say is "Brilliant!"

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The Value of a Checklist

Some months ago a friend recommended a book that I thought was called the List Manifesto.  In my lifelong effort to accomplish more, efficiently, I have purchased many time management and productivity books.  I get quite excited about the possibility of being in control.  As it turns out they usually require consistency and routine.  Yikes.  [...]

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The Art of the Slow Hunch

One of the myths of the creative process is the Eureka Moment.  The lone genius, working away in the lab, is gifted with a sudden insight. Eureka!  I have found it! Steven Johnson, in Where Good Ideas Come From, The Natural History of Innovation, examined innovations throughout history to discern patterns.  Previously, Mr. Johnson has written [...]

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