Ignorance Drives Discovery

Many years ago my thesis advisor gently corrected my assertion that "The research proves that.....". In fact, most research suggests that something is so. It's very difficult to PROVE anything is so. Witness how theories fall over time as new ones take their place. What we know as a civilization is simply our best thinking [...]

Ignorance Drives Discovery2017-04-17T12:20:52-07:00

Introverts More Creative than Extraverts?

We are all creative.   We have different preferences for how we'd like to create. So, it's no surprise how much heat is being generated over an opinion piece by Susan Cain in the NY Times called The Rise of the New Groupthink. "Groupthink".  Would we call that a positive label?  The term was coined in [...]

Introverts More Creative than Extraverts?2017-04-17T12:20:52-07:00