Conquering Innovation Fatigue

Some years ago I offered coaching to organization innovators.  It's exhausting fighting the inertia of the status quo and professional innovators need support.  I'm not the only one who noticed.  There's a new book titled, Conquering Innovation Fatigue: Overcoming the Barriers to Personal and Corporate Success.  The authors note that innovators are similar to immigrants [...]

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The Progress Principle and Creativity

I've been a BIG fan of Teresa Amabile for years.  Dr. Amabile is currently the Director of Research at Harvard University and has written extensively about creativity--what helps it and what hinders it. She's just published a jewel of a book called The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement and Creativity at [...]

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The Art of the Slow Hunch

One of the myths of the creative process is the Eureka Moment.  The lone genius, working away in the lab, is gifted with a sudden insight. Eureka!  I have found it! Steven Johnson, in Where Good Ideas Come From, The Natural History of Innovation, examined innovations throughout history to discern patterns.  Previously, Mr. Johnson has written [...]

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