Do Your Leaders Manage a Portfolio of Innovation?

Any organization needs to innovate.  Every organization ought to have a portfolio of efforts–from improving today’s execution to developing seeds for the future.  Can your leaders work across all three horizons?Improving execution will only get you so far. To generate meaningful organic growth leaders need to operate across all three horizons.Watch this brief video Susan [...]

Do Your Leaders Manage a Portfolio of Innovation?2017-10-25T11:41:47-07:00

The Strength of Weak Ties

A consulting colleague recently described some research she did with a client: she helped key executives sort and analyze 3 months of calendar and email transactions. In most cases, executives maintained very insular networks--that is, they spent most of their time with and communicating with a very, very small set of people. Is this good? [...]

The Strength of Weak Ties2017-04-17T12:20:51-07:00

Why You Need 3 Types of Networks

My dear friend, Janet, was reassuring me the other day that we’re unlikely to get Alzheimer’s disease because we’re very social.  We love our friends & family and strive to spend time with them.  Multiple studies have found: Having close friends and staying in contact with family members offers a protective effect against the damaging [...]

Why You Need 3 Types of Networks2017-04-17T12:20:52-07:00

The Progress Principle and Creativity

I've been a BIG fan of Teresa Amabile for years.  Dr. Amabile is currently the Director of Research at Harvard University and has written extensively about creativity--what helps it and what hinders it. She's just published a jewel of a book called The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement and Creativity at [...]

The Progress Principle and Creativity2017-04-17T12:20:52-07:00