20 05, 2016

The Magic of Teams


One of our favorite gigs is designing and facilitating team offsites.   Team offsite? you ask incredulously. Unfortunately, a lot of offsites are not that productive nor are they very engaging.  Time is not used well and outcomes are unclear.  That's why we say, "When it matters, hire a facilitator." We're currently in design for two [...]

14 04, 2015

The Strength of Weak Ties


A consulting colleague recently described some research she did with a client: she helped key executives sort and analyze 3 months of calendar and email transactions. In most cases, executives maintained very insular networks--that is, they spent most of their time with and communicating with a very, very small set of people. Is this good? [...]

30 11, 2014

Why You Need 3 Types of Networks


My dear friend, Janet, was reassuring me the other day that we’re unlikely to get Alzheimer’s disease because we’re very social.  We love our friends & family and strive to spend time with them.  Multiple studies have found: Having close friends and staying in contact with family members offers a protective effect against the damaging [...]