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Creative Leadership Study

The IBM Creative Leadership Study is available online and it's worthwhile reading if you are inside an organization.  This study is a follow-on to the 2010 study that cited Creativity as the top leadership quality that CEOs are seeking today. To learn more about the study, here's one of the IBM researchers, Steve Gray, summarizing [...]

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Conquering Innovation Fatigue

Some years ago I offered coaching to organization innovators.  It's exhausting fighting the inertia of the status quo and professional innovators need support.  I'm not the only one who noticed.  There's a new book titled, Conquering Innovation Fatigue: Overcoming the Barriers to Personal and Corporate Success.  The authors note that innovators are similar to immigrants [...]

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Everyday Innovation

Innovation can be an intimidating goal.  We can't all be developing iPhones and new molecules that save lives.  Does that mean we can't be innovative? I like to differentiate between capital-letter I innovation, 'Big-I' innovation and 'Small-i' innovation.  Let’s start with Big-I innovation.  This is the kind of product or service that we’d call a [...]

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