Susan Dunn
Susan DunnPartner
Susan has a reputation for designing learning experiences for Fortune 500 leaders that are inventive, engaging, and “have legs”. Her success in learning design flows from 10 years of strategy formulation as a consultant at McKinsey, from her doctoral research in human behavior at the Fielding Graduate Institute and from 15 years designing action learning programs as a partner at Oliver Wyman and Mercer Consulting. Susan has conducted provocative research and published articles that uncovered the way Wall Street analysts monetize leadership quality. She also has a patent in her name for a widely used talent management board game. Currently, Susan is developing a simulation that helps leaders learn how to operate in a shared economy.
Maggie Kolkena
Maggie KolkenaPartner
Maggie Kolkena brings over 25 years of expertise in providing leadership development experiences. She is passionate about good facilitation and is recognized for her generative approach coupled with a spark of humor.
Leaders who work with Maggie appreciate the quick rapport she creates and her rapid grasp of the challenges they face. She has worked with leaders in organizations ranging from pharma to consumer products to technology. She has developed a distinct competence in helping leaders manage the future. She trained with the Global Business Network and has developed a useful approach for leaders.
She has worked with organizations in numerous industries and geographies, from Beaverton to Bangladesh. For the past four years she’s delivered a global senior leader action learning program at a healthcare company focused on accelerating innovation. Most recently she designed and delivered a program for a global technology firm to support senior leaders as they manage short-term and long-term horizons.

The Immersion Lab takes leaders into the market for discovery-based learning experiences with customers, leaders from different industries, future talent, disruptors and others to pro-actively seek insights and new ideas on a wide range of diverse topics.

Velocity helps leaders make sense of disruption.  They teach innovators how to use design thinking to take a step back, find the opportunities amid the chaos, determine the right problem to solve and generate fresh ideas that create value for your customer and you.

Trendwatching provides insights to consumer trends around the world.  With a ‘spotter’ community of over 900 members they have instant awareness of what consumers are valuing today.  They provide specific examples and ways for you to consider how those insights might serve your business.

Impromptu use role-play and drama techniques to create compelling learning experiences. They deliver practical, tangible learning that is directly relevant to the workplace using an experiential approach, engaging the mind and the heart and having fun along the way.